Press Release

Launch of New Logo “MASTER TINT ART” Starts Development of Shanghai Astrace for a New Decade

An article from a Chinese website:

Shanghai Astrace Trade Development Co., Ltd (“Shanghai Astrace”), a 51% owned subsidiary of our Group, held a press release on Dec 9 2013 in Shanghai to declare the launch of new logo “MASTER TINT ART” as a significant step of enhancing itscompany culture in the principle of “Intelligence, Creation and Sharing”. Launch of this new logo demonstrated the official beginning of the development of Shanghai Astrace for the new decade.

Audience in the press release

This press release, with participation of many well-known enterprises in the industry, relevant business association, agents and managers of stores, has received close attention of dozens of Medias in the industry of auto and auto aftermarket.

Ms.Liu Fengxi, General Manager of Shanghai Astrace, made speech in the press release

Based on the last decade’s development, a starting point for the new decade, Ms. Liu Fengxi introduced to the audience branding strategy adopted by Shanghai Astrace, brand history and overall market strategy and officially displayed the new design of “MASTER TINT ART”. This new logo represents the update of brand and embodies the dedication by Shanghai Astrace to its products and services.

              Mr.Zhang Jianxing, CEO of NFA, explained the Group’s new strategy and its firm support to Shanghai Astrace

Mr. Zhang Jianxing briefly introduced the reason for the acquisition of controlling shareholding of NFA by CDH Investment.CDH Investment initially invested heavily in the industry of consumer goods but has always been watching the development of auto and auto aftermarket industry.CDH Investment recognized NFA as an enterprise which has the potential of developing itself into a strong and well-known brand in the auto aftermarket industry.

                                                 New logo officially displayed in the press release

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